JW Music Studio 久聞音樂

Music, a treasure for all ages


JW Music was founded in 2009 as one of the premier music education studios in the Greater Vancouver area. Owned and operated by Jennifer Jiwei Zhao (renowned mezzo-soprano) and Nicole Ge Li (erhu virtuoso), JW specializes in the instruction of traditional Chinese musical instruments and voice training. The studio also plays an important role as a conduit of Chinese culture in Canada through its teaching members’ musical performances and active community involvements. Studio instructors are all graduates of internationally known musical academies, including notably the Central Conservatory of China, Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the UBC Department of Music. All lessons are professionally taught using current methodology and curriculum material. Our goal is to both enhance students’ musical skills and aptitudes and enrich their appreciation of their instruments of choice.

久聞音樂工作室創立於2009年,大溫哥華地區最佳音樂教育機構之一,尤其以擅長教授中國樂器幾聲樂而聞名。主理教師由青年二胡演奏家李歌 和女中音歌唱家趙繼偉擔任。各科老師均畢業于專業音樂學院及UBC音樂系。教學方式專業嚴謹,選用的教材同步並更新於其專業領域。以“小而精“的專業培訓,和“大而廣”的藝術嘗試為經營理念,為學員組織不定期的演奏觀摩和舞台實踐。除了教學,久聞音樂工作室以傳播中國文化為目標,主辦和協辦多場藝術活動及音樂會。